Add new admin user in Magento

The following script will help to add new admin user to database.

Please replace FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, USERNAME, PASSWORD with your desired value.

insert into admin_user
(select max(user_id) + 1 from admin_user) user_id,
'FIRSTNAME' first_name,
'LASTNAME' last_name,
'USERNAME' username,
MD5('PASSWORD') password,
now() created,
NULL modified,
NULL logdate,
0 lognum,
0 reload_acl_flag,
1 is_active,
(select max(extra) from admin_user where extra is not null) extra,

insert into admin_role
(select max(role_id) + 1 from admin_role) role_id,
(select role_id from admin_role where role_name = 'Administrators') parent_id,
2 tree_level,
0 sort_order,
'U' role_type,
(select user_id from admin_user where username = 'USERNAME') user_id,
'USERNAME' role_name

Mark string part as non-translatable

Often strings contain contain text that should not be translated to other languages. Common examples might be a piece of code, a placeholder for a value, a special symbol, or a name. As you prepare you strings for translation, look for and mark text that should remain as-is, without translation, so that translators do not change it.

To mark text that should not be translated, use an <xliff:g> placeholder tag. Here’s an example tag that ensures the text “%1$s” will not be changed during translation (otherwise it could break the message):

<string name="countdown">
    <xliff:g id="time" example="5 days>%1$s</xliff:g>until holiday

Read more at: Android Localization Checklist

Change Magento admin user password

This is the script can be used to change Magento admin user password:

UPDATE `{db_name}`.`admin_user` SET `password` = CONCAT(MD5('{salt}{master_password}'), ':{salt}') WHERE `admin_user`.`user_id` = {id} LIMIT 1;

Replace, the {XXX} with your expected value.
For example,

UPDATE `db_magento`.`admin_user` SET `password` = CONCAT(MD5('PHNewPassword2014'), 'PH') WHERE `admin_user`.`user_id` = 1 LIMIT 1;

Magento installation error Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine.

Another error on Magento installation version 1.7.0.*

Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine.

Here the fix:

* Access line 59th of file: app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Db/Mysql4.php

* Replace

public function supportEngine()
        $variables  = $this->_getConnection()
            ->fetchPairs('SHOW VARIABLES');
        return (!isset($variables['have_innodb']) || $variables['have_innodb'] != 'YES') ? false : true;

with this,

public function supportEngine()
        $variables  = $this->_getConnection()
            ->fetchPairs('SHOW ENGINES');
        return (isset($variables['InnoDB']) && $variables['InnoDB'] != 'NO');